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Dashera Celebration By Rajput Community

A Video from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. A Rajput and Kshatriya Community organised "Sastra Pujan" on the occasation of Dashera festival. This is the first time The Women of Rajput Community also participate in the Pooja Bhavnagar Rajput community has well known for years to take new initiative, and this mark another one. Enjoy the video. Jay Mataji.

Rajput & Rajputana

A Video from Movie Gulal, which is based on Rajput and Rajputana. A dialogue are written such way that it make your blood hot. We should be pround of what we were and what we are.

Ancient Rajput

Ancient Rajput 2

Rare Photo of Rajput Part-1

Rare Photo of Rajput Part-2

Rajut Sword Dance